What to Do About This Scary Stock Market

10% is nice, but 100% would make you super rich in short order. No, because during those times the money you are investing is buying more shares, as are your reinvested dividends. I think it’s because European style socialism – as great as it might be – makes you passive and that means as a hardcore capitalist you’re the wolf among a country of chickens.

While you can have your own opinion, you can’t have your own facts. This is in addition to these same workers being much more productive and working more hours. While I agree with your overall conclusion on the wisdom of holding some assets out of the market this far into a bull run, your point #4 is very much not correct.

admiral markets abgeltungssteuer

It always seemed like I needed to update to yet another expensive piece of clothing, a trip to fancy ski resort or whatever. The result was that I was barely able to save enough for a downpayment of an apartment but wasted thousands on unnecessary stuff. When you’re buying stocks, you’re buying a share of a company’s earnings and assets. When you’re paying 2x-5x the normal price for those things, you’re going to have crappy returns.

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My 401k is invested in mutual funds and my Roth IRA is invested in individual stocks. The best is a 15-year moving average of tokenexus crypto exchange the S&P500 Index, adjusted for inflation. Over longer periods, you can beat a regular dollar-cost-averager by up to 50%.

Trading profits of Managed Accounts in the past do not guarantee a positive development in the future. Leading online trading solutions for traders, investors and advisors, with direct global access to stocks, options, futures, currencies, bonds and funds. Transparent, low commissions and financing rates and support for best execution… Tax loss harvesting provides an upfront savings, but eventually that money will be recaptured in the form of selling at a higher basis in the future. There is of course compounding of today’s savings, but it is actually not as clear cut as it seems to be. I’ve read a few articles on this and they are confusing to say the least.

You rarely will find a “Hot tipp” on this site. Think of it this way, compare two stocks where one pays a 2% dividend and appreciates 5% the other one doesn’t pay a dividend but appreciates 7% a year. If you were to just sell 2% of your holdings of the second stock, the net result would be basically the same, ignoring tax consequences. You might look at a Single-Premium Immediate Annuity – your dad gives an insurance company a lump sum in advance, and they guarantee a certain monthly payment for the rest of his life. SPIAs are not part of my personal plan, but particularly for folks who might not be great at managing their money, annuitizing a portion of the stash can be beneficial. Obviously, you’d want to shop it, but SPIAs are not nearly as big a ripoff, generally speaking, as whole-life .

If Bananas go to 1 cent per pound, you can’t really benefit. But if rolled oats dropped to an all-time low, I’d probably buy at least a year’s supply .” The thought process works pretty well for the stock market too. I have friends in their 20s who are so afraid of investing in mutual funds because of the perceived risk, when they don’t understand that it is riskier in the long run to NOT invest money. I’m very late to the game here and who knows if you’ll ever see this, but here it goes anyway.

admiral markets abgeltungssteuer

A friend shared this blog with me a bit before Thanksgiving, and as of today I’ve read everything , that you’ve written. There are so many people out there writing the same trite things over and over again, that it’s refreshing to see so many unique perspectives in one place. There is this pesky thing called reversion to the mean to think about. The markets are going to take a breather now and then due to the business cycle. Things go bonkers, then they pause or contract for a while.

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Just my 2 cents, but overall, I do agree, this isn’t out of the norm, and I’m ok getting my money in right now. As a wise man once said, you make the most money when an asset goes from bad to less bad. What you are suggesting is called timing the markets. Many studies prove that we suck at timing the market.

So I took that money away and put it in a low cost index fund (that’s right, I currently only own one index fund). Germany is actually a little better with a 25% tax on investment gains (“Abgeltungssteuer”) when realised – so annualy on dividends but only on payouts for valuation gains. I would caveat that it all depends on your situation.

At least it worked out for me from March of 2009, September 2001, the y2k issue, the dot com bust of the late 90’s, the real estate bubble burst of the 80’s, etc. etc. In general, you never cash ufx forex broker review out gains as a way of trying to outsmart the market – you just pull money out as you need it. Another great question I should write about in a “How to live off a fixed chunk of money” article.

Live on your dividends and Social Security, or get a job. I keep ignoring the general public and investing. It’s little amounts here and there but I know it’s going to add up. I still have a bit of my RRSP/TFSA money with a local branch of a bank, so I go in every year to meet with an advisor. She’s always surprised, in the bad years, how complacent I am about my losses.

  • Is this a strategy you would recommend to everyone?
  • For me, a 3% return over 10 yrs isn’t that enticing.
  • The most effective means we have for asserting control over our corporate overlords are strikes, boycotts and shareholder activism.
  • I’m pretty conservative and don’t like having debt so that’s why I’m trying to pay it off as soon as I can under my circumstances.

This fund is showing a total annual dividend of 2.04% at the time I type this. I bought Mapfre only in August, and unfortunately only 0.5% in the blog portfolio. How do you look at VEF AB since the last investment round of Creditas. everfx It seems like Q3 was 4.5 NAV and 5.6 share price. And now more 4.6 share price and NAV around 5.6. Is possible also to include the short risk warning (69% der Privatanleger verlieren Geld beim CFD-Handel mit diesem Anbieter)?

As I have written extensively, there are so many problems that there is a large risk that they turn out as typicalvalue traps. You might trade them succesfully but long term the upside is very limited. If you are interested in th sector, “collateral dmages” like Verbund might be the better chance. Hmm, looks like a “Hedge Fund hotel on fire”. I have no idea about that stock to be honest. I don’t know that much about mining companies.

79,51 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. Thanks for the advice, I’ll have a look into that and see if it would be a good fit for him. I have also been working with him on getting his spending down, as a recent divorce has changed his whole situation. It’s hard though when many costs are locked in as long as he stays in the house, and he’s no longer splitting the bills. Goes to show that you can live a certain way and plan for a certain outcome for your whole life and it can go upside down in a matter of months. At least he has been good at saving and passed that mentality down to me.

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Otherwise, he allocates more money to cash every year. It’s true that America has consistently performed well, but it has also consistently had a major downturn every 7 to 10 years. I think Warren would be fine with a cash hedge right now. Not predicting the apocolypse, just using data to my advantage. So any time I see a financial article even hint at the stuff as a valid investing technique, I know to move on. My advice to readers learning investing is the same.

The whole idea of long term dollar cost averaging is that you wind up buying more shares when the market is down without having to figure out just when that is. So skip worrying about CAPE ratios, and forward expectations and keep putting money in every month. Don’t go on line to check how your portfolio did that day, and if you’re really righteous, don’t even open those monthly statements.

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As an amateur value investor having access to this kind of information is invaluable. Unfortunately, I have never looked at mining companies. They looked cheap for some time but i generally do not understand their business model fully.

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Another situation is I am a 50 year old with a medium size chunk of cash, that has been sitting on the sidelines for a long time, due to fear and stupidity. Plunking the whole thing into the market right now would be moronic, because the risks are just too high right now to make that kind of choice. And let’s face it, I would be more likely to sell out low due to watching the value of my portfolio wither away year after year if things go poorly, especially with my age.

Now consider the same stock but you paid $100 for it in a bull market. It goes up the same $10 and your rate of return is ‘only’ 10%. You always want to invest with the goal of the highest after tax compound rate of return possible.

If you have been plunking away a good chunk into a 401k religiously every month for a few years or a decade or two, then yeah, this is pretty good advice. At the beginning of the Nikkei bear market around 1990, that index had a P/E ratio of about 78. The forward P/E ratio of the S&P is currently around 16… if it ever gets above 50 then yeah, I’ll bail out. I’ll also have so much money in the bank that I will have plenty of time to consider alternate investments or just sit on cash and wait for the bubble to pop.

The only problem with this logic is that none of us know when that is. I’m looking to deploy a small amount of UK cash to take advantage of the exchange rate and buy somthing in euroland. Was looking more at Germany – especially at Siemens – and really enjoyed your piece on the Dax and returns since 1992. I think this depends on the individual style of investing. Because then you would know that I am rather a “7 Iron” investor and prefer to leave my Driver in the bag for the time being….. I invest elsewhere as well (Expedia, Cars. com etc.) but as I live in Europe and will spend all my money in Europe I think it is OK to use this as Benchmark.

Since 50% of my income goes to retirement anyway I don’t need to make six figures to live. So I could theoretically work half the hours, if I’m willing to stop contributing. I keep 5 years living expenses in cash equivalents, just in case.


And you try to be fearful when others are greedy”, etc. He warns about debt, but made a fortune using leverage (i.e. the float of his insurance companies). The man is a genius and legend, but Berkshire is so large now that he cannot time the market.

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